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JBL MR Series 15" 2-way Passive PA Speaker Pair

JBL MR Series 15" 2-way Passive PA Speaker Pair

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A New Standard Of Performance.

AtJBL we’ve worked hard to build our reputa- tion by meeting the evolving needs of professional musicians, engineers, and producers. As the world of music making has become more complex, the ears of musicians and audiences alike have become tremendously more discerning. Consequently, the JBL “standard” of performance has also become equally more sophisticated, catering to an increas- ingly perceptive market.

One challenge we welcomed was to deliver a combination of perfectly matched top notch compo- nents and enclosure construction within a price range that was affordable for the emerging per- former. The result of over two years of extensive product development is the MR Series Loudspeaker Systems for music reinforcement.

MR Series systems benefit from recent advance- ments in transducer technology and enclosure fabrication and construction methods. The experi- ence obtained developing our SR4700 Series helped us achieve new levels of durability and cost effi- ciency. From completely new transducers to new enclosure materials, MR Series is undeniably your ticket to a great performance.

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