There’s a new world of making music. You no longer need the large capital only a record label can provide. Now you have the chance to make music the way you want to. Now you may not have to purchase the expensive reel to reel of yesteryear, but there's still the gear, the space, and the expertise needed to make it the best experience possible. That's why you come to TuneTown. We're here to transport the music in your head to people's ears in the best way possible. We recognize that every artist is unique and merit their own recording demands. We're ready to be flexible enough to suit your needs while bringing our knowledge of how it will work best on your fans' stereos. Whether you're a beginner wanting to hear yourself with ultimate clarity, or you're a seasoned professional working on your fifth album, we're ready to help you make your mark.

  • TuneTown is a ProTools suite
    that offers these services...

    -Project Analysis
    -Backing Tracks
    -Equipment Rentals
    -Album Art
    -Mix Fix
    -Analog to Digital Tranfer
    -and more

  • “Thank you so much for turning my
    music into magic.”
    -Billy Wayne

    “I had the most rewarding experience
    recording my song with Seph.
    Thank you TuneTown!”
    -Cheryl Campagne

    “It was a relaxed, comfortable, and
    professional atmosphere.
    I definitely plan on coming back.”
    -Emmy Johnson

    “If you want your music to sound great
    AND get it done at a reasonable price, you
    owe it to yourself and your music
    to go to TuneTown.”
    -Josh Hrehovcik