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Here at TuneTown, every student is a unique individual with aspirations of their own. Since 2004, we've provided Southern Maine with the best lessons experience available. With our excellent staff, we deliver exactly what you need to get to the next step in your musical journey. Whether you're an absolute beginner picking up an instrument for the first time, or you're a seasoned musician trying to expand on your skills, we have a qualified teacher ready to help. Contact us today!

Lessons FAQ's

What do I need to start lessons?

You just need your instrument and a desire to learn. If you need an instrument, we have them available for purchase and band & orchestra instruments for rental. If you have an instrument, feel free to bring it by for a setup so it's in its best playing condition. If you need a desire to learn, ask us what we're listening to.

Do I need to already have a musical background?

Just the passion to learn, your teacher has the experience to take you wherever you wish on your musical journey.

How does scheduling and billing work?

We generally recommend half-hour lessons for beginners. Hour lessons can be nice for those looking to delve deeper into certain topics. Priced by the half-hour, billed for the month ahead. All lessons are the $28 per half-hour, all instruments, all levels.

What about virtual lessons?

You'll need a device with a good internet connection to make the video calls. It's always live but you have the advantage of being able to record your lessons. We do require virtual lessons to setup auto-pay.

How do I start?

The best way is to talk to Jess. She's the Lessons Administrator here and will be able to get you placed on the schedule with your teacher. Meet her below ▼


Meet Jess Maranhao our Lessons Administrator. She can help you find the best teacher and times for your musical journey. She also handles all rescheduling, set up auto pay ─ all things lessons.

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