FAQ's About Drum Lessons

Can I get started without owning a drum set?

Yes you can, but you should at least have a pair of drumsticks. There are many options for practicing. You can practice rudiments on a practice pad. You can make-shift a drumkit from various things in your house. If noise is a concern we can also help you purchase an electronic drum kit.

What do I need to bring to my lessons?

We recommend bringing drumsticks, and questions. We have 2 electronic drum kits for you to play along with your teacher.

Do I need to already have a musical background?

Just the passion to learn, your teacher has the experience to take you wherever you wish on your musical journey.


Will Broadbent has almost twenty five years drumming experience, and fifteen years professionally. In addition to touring and recording with doom metal heavyweights OCEAN, he has played with such diverse groups as the experimental HELLO MONSTER, punk rockers HATCHETFACE AND THE VIPERS (winners of the Portland Phoenix "Best New Group" award in 2009,) and his current group, the psychedelic rock group DEMENTIA FIVE. But it was his playing for retro 70's heavy rockers OGRE that he found the most success. OGRE released three albums, two of which on Japan's Leafhound Records, and toured both the US and Japan. Will is happy to be at Tune Town helping students learn about the power of drumming!



Paul’s love of drumming began at age 8, when he started taking lessons from Big Band drummer and bandleader Baron Hugo. Paul has performed his entire life, beginning as a member of concert, jazz, marching and pit bands at his high school, joining the Percussion Section of the Screaming Eagles Marching Band at Boston College, and most recently performing with various local bands including the New Legacy Swing Band. In addition, Paul has been a private and ensemble percussion instructor for over 30 years- most recently at Wells High School and since 2004 at Tunetown! He teaches all styles of music to children and adults, beginner to advanced. Give in to those tapping urges and unleash your inner drummer!


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