FAQ's About Bass Lessons

Isn't bass just and easier version of guitar?

While it is true a 4-string bass is tuned just like the top 4 strings on a guitar, the way you approach the instrument and your role in the band is very different from guitar.

How many strings should my bass have?

Most electric basses have 4 strings. If you want to have room to go a bit lower you may want a 5-string. They also make 6 and 7-string basses, but those generally go higher in pitch and may not be practical for the person just getting started on bass.

What do I need to bring to my lessons?

You need to bring your bass, and questions. We'll take care of any amplification you may or may not need.

Do I need to already have a musical background?

Just the passion to learn, your teacher has the experience to take you wherever you wish on your musical journey.


Blaine Morin graduated from the University of Maine in Orono with a Bachelor's of Music Education in May 2019. He has a strong background with the guitar, specifically classical and jazz guitar. The music education program at Umaine guarantees that all students can teach all the band and orchestra instruments to a degree that any prospective student can find success with their instrument. Along with guitar, Blaine is proficient in playing the trumpet, saxophone, and the piano. During Blaine's student teaching at Hampden Academy and Reeds Brook Middle School in Hampden, Maine, he had the pleasure of guiding and directing various non-traditional music groups, such as, ukulele for middle school and African drumming for high school. The Performance Arts Center at Hampden Academy hosts numerous events that Blaine operated sound and lights for ranging from musical concerts to public speaking competitions. Blaine is trained to teach people of all ages and he is eager to help you pursue your ambitions in music.


JD Raines has been fascinated by music for his entire life. He grew up in Maine and has performed across New England as both a solo artist and with his band, Better Than, which MaineToday noted "has been a constant name in the local music scene."

In May 2015 JD graduated from the University of Maine Augusta, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Jazz and Contemporary Music with a concentration in Music Education. While at UMA, JD was a vocalist with Envok, the upper level vocal ensemble. He also performed with many other ensembles as a sought-after vocalist, guitarist, and drummer. He has studied with many talented and well-known musicians, including Dr. Richard Nelson, Dr. Timothy Weir, Scott Hughes and Bob Thompson.

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